Maybe not breaking, but time sensitive and very important nonetheless! Today I was planning to talk with you all about my recent trip to Devil’s Lake in Baraboo, Wisconsin, but some things just mean more. On July 22nd Congress will vote on The Great American Outdoors Act. You may have heard earlier last month how it won the senate over by a disproportional amount– we need that to happen again.

If you enjoy the outdoors in any capacity, if you enjoy perusing blogs and magazines centered around the outdoors, then this is an act you should (need) to have on your radar. I’m not here to tell you what to do, that’ not my job. I’m here to educate you, urge you, and hopefully persuade you to consider taking action on this environmental issue.

The National Parks Service in our country is currently experiencing a $12 billion dollar maintenance backlog1. Meaning, that money they’ve failed to receive over the past few years has not been able to flow into necessary park upkeep or trail maintenance. America’s park systems are struggling. Before 2018, the Wildlife and Land Conservation Systems were receiving less than 50% of its funding. In 2018, that funding expired altogether (thankfully, this funding was reintroduced in 2019).

Sierra Nevada, 2018n (photo by me)

The Great American Outdoors Act would grant $2.8 billion2 for land and water conservation to be given annually to these organizations for the next five years. This means:

Repairs can be made.

National Parks can be maintained as a safe environment for recreational use.

Parks and Natural lands will gain much needed protection

New green areas can be cultivated in the U.S

Our planet will be one (big) step closer to being cared for and valued for what it offers us!

The Outdoor Alliance is an incredible place to learn more. They even have a link that enables you to message your state’s representative on the issue with a pre-written message (although I strongly urge you to delete that text and write your own. The message is more likely to be read if it looks different than the rest!) I’ve included their link embedded into the name.

These issues really rely on your votes, your outreach. These national land are designed for you, for me, for everybody. It is our responsibility to make sure they’re continuously looked after.

Sierra Nevada, 2018 (photo by me)

A very good friend of mine recently offered me some wise words in regards to the outdoors. He said, “You can learn a lot about other people in a city, but in nature, you can learn a lot about yourself.” I couldn’t have agreed with him more, and these past few days I haven’t been able to shake that sentiment.

The outdoors provide mental, physical, and emotional growth. It allows us to pursue the adventure goals we hold so dear. It create memories and experience. It is a living organism we have so much privilege to dwell upon. We are a part of it more than we realize on a day to day. It’s time we stepped up.

As always, Adventure On!





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