Let’s Get This Party Started


As most of you know, My name is Finola McDonald. If you know me ( in real life or through the internet), you’ve probably seen/heard of my passion for poetry over the years. However, my heart is split (perhaps more favorably towards one or the other at different times). My love for the outdoors has become increasingly unavoidable over the past few years, so I figured it’s time for that passion to have its moment in the spotlight.

This section of my website will be dedicated to outdoor adventures/activities, destinations I’ve traveled to, and as I educated myself further, ways to take charge and stand up for our planet (including other socio-environmental concerns). The Earth has offered me so much unexplainable joy and escape over the years; at this point in time, I see no other choice but to fight for and celebrate it. Without her, I can’t do what I love. Without her, we do not have a home.

To whoever lands here- I hope you find this helpful and maybe even inspiring enough to take action in your own lives.

Stay happy, stay curious, stay loving, and always keep adventure alive.

-Finola M.

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      Thank You!


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